New UYM Store now open

Our brand new UYM Store is now open for business! New products are available – the new ‘Soul Jazz Funk’ branded tees and shoppers, along with free and paid downloads, some of which have previously been unavailable on our store, like the last two EPs. (more…)



freebiesHi all,

Seeing as it’s the time of year for giving, we’d like to remind you (if you’ve been following us all along) or let you know (if you’re new to the site) that we have a few free tracks available to instantly download.

Just go to our UYM Store (or click on the UYM Store tab at the top of this page), where it will take you to our store, then head to downloads, where you’ll find three free MP3s and a free music video.

So, don’t hold back, grab ’em now, and Happy Xmas from Afro Elements!

UYM Store and Downloads


We’ve just made a couple of minor adjustments to our UYM store and the procedure for purchases within;

First off, our store is now fully mobile! You can visit our store on your smartphone, phablet or tablet and the store will be rendered to look and feel just right for all screen sizes. In addition, you’ll no longer be asked to set up an account in order to complete your purchases unless you wish to, whether they be paid items or free downloads. You will still need to fill out your name and address, (otherwise how would get your lovely CDs or T Shirts to you? hint, hint), but that’s all.

If you’re viewing this post on your mobile device, just click on the image above or the  UYM store tab and check it out for yourself – after all, there are some free downloads just waiting for a home…

Digital booklet Download

It Remains to be Seen (digital booklet download)

If you have our first album, ‘It Remains to be Seen’, as a download, you may be interested to know the digital booklet to accompany the album is available for free. The booklet contains detailed, track-by-track information, including who played what, and on which track. In addition, there’s a gallery of photos from our archive, featuring pictures of the band going way back to 1994! Just click on the image above to view/download the PDF booklet.