New Stories (Black Gold Massive)

‘New Stories’ is a follow up remixes album to the original ‘Stories’ album, being a Japan only release. The album consists of 8 tracks, 7 of which are remixes of tracks that appeared on the original album, in addition to an eighth new track ‘Let The Beat Hit ‘Em’ that didn’t appear in any form on the original album.

The remixes are; ‘Let it Flow’ (Dave Caton remix), ‘Call Me Anytime’ (Gomi remix), ‘Sometime it Snows in April’ (Mr.Gone’s  Weekender remix), ‘Just Make a Move(and Be Yourself)’ (Mr.Gone’s Maison Japonaise remix), ‘Set Me Free’ (Physics Phunky Rub), ‘Cast No Shadow’ (Afro Elements Cacao remix), ‘Introduce Me To Love’ (Dave Coleman’s I Love New York remix) and finally ‘Let The Beat Hit ‘Em’.

  1. Let It Flow (Dave Caton remix)
  2. Call Me Anytime (Gomi remix)
  3. Sometimes It Snows In April (Mr Gone’s Weekender remix)
  4. Just Make A Move (and Be Yourself) (Mr.Gone’s Maison Japonaise remix)
  5. Set Me Free (Physics Phunky Rub)
  6. Cast No Shadow (Afro Elements Cacao remix)
  7. Introduce Me To Love (Dave Coleman Loves New York remix)
  8. Let The Beat Hit ‘Em

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