Fresh Out The Box – 12″ sampler


This 12″ contains 2 tracks taken from the Freestyle label compilation album ‘Fresh Out The Box (FSRCD076) which features previously unreleased remixes, tracks that have only had vinyl release and many other tasty nuggets featuring Freestyle artists and today’s top notch remixers.

Kicking off with a track from Afro Elements ‘Think’ (Aroop Roy Remix), this electronic break and bleeping bass line heavy club killer enhances the Afro Elements original as well as wetting appetites for the full length Aroop Roy album, ‘Nomadic Soul’ which will be released on Freestyle Records early summer 2010.

The flip side, is the Mo Horizons mix of Gypsy Brown’s ‘Life Is A Trip’, a funky, skanking dance floor filler where scratchy guitars blend with sexy sax riffs to mesmerizing effect. This limited edition 12″ single will remain in all the best DJs record boxes for years to come!

  1. Afro Elements – Think (Aroop Roy remix)
  2. Gypsy Brown – Life is a Trip

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