‘Lift Your Life’ EP

ep2.4.1The new EP by Afro Elements features two new remixes of ‘Lift Your Life’ by Mr.Gone and Punkpappa. In addition to these remixes, there’s a newly mixed radio edit of the original version of the track. Also included in the full EP is a brand new track entitled ‘Central Do Brasil’, written by Reinaldo Arias.

The Mr. Gone remix of ‘Lift Your Life’ is a full-on samba fusion groove, chock full of Brazilian percussion, Moogs and  other instrumentation to conjure up a 70s mix of funk, jazz & samba that Afro Elements love so much.

The Punkpappa remix takes ‘Lift Your Life’ in a totally different direction, steering more into straight up funk territory, with a heavy, semi slapped bass line, backed up by a constant four-to-the-floor groove that pulses all through the track.

The new track, featured on the EP is ‘Central Do Brasil’, a song written by pianist, arranger and producer Reinaldo Arias. Reinaldo has appeared on quite a few great albums in the late 70s and 80s, and has had a few of his own compositions performed on some of these albums. This particular song has only appeared (as far as we’re aware) on one album, by Sivuca, which I guess makes our version only the second to see a release! The track itself is a jazz funk groove with samba leanings, heavy on percussion and a full brass section, in addition to Neil Hunter playing a solo on a Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano. Tommy Emmerton also features on rhythm guitar.

  • Lift Your Life (Mr Gone’s São Conrado Samba mix)
  • Central Do Brasil
  • Lift Your Life (Punkpappa’s Electrofunk remix)
  • Lift Your Life (radio edit)

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