Stories (Black Gold Massive)

black-gold-massive_2 BGM

Stories, by Black Gold Massive, although not strictly speaking an Afro Elements album, nonetheless features most musicians from Afro Elements, including Simon T Bramley on bass, who also produced the record, in addition to Phil Nelson (drums), Robin Jones (percussion), Neil Hunter (keyboards) & Tommy Emmerton (guitar). The inclusion of Cindy Mizell on vocals takes this album to a different level. Cindy has had solo albums and numerous backing vocal chores but is most well known for working with Luther Vandross & he knew a thing or two about vocalists!

The album tracks are mostly covers of old club tracks from the 90s in addition to some older, less well known tracks by the likes of Tower of Power etc. ‘Don’t Give Up Now’ – a special, lovely bassline & great vocals, a mid tempo killer. ‘Set Me Free’ – a cover of the Bygraves track, ‘Cast No Shadow’ – a good jazz funk vibe …quite like Incognito. ‘Call Me Anytime’ – the most immediate track and a great dancer with Cindy’s vocals on top. ‘When did You go’ – a slow ballad, showing versatility and vocal quality. ‘Just Make A Move’ is an uptempo jazz-funk house groove….try keeping still to this. ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’ – a quality tune by Prince very well done soft & melodic. In addition – ‘Introduce Me To Love’ – originally done by Absolute, a soulful house classic given the BGM treatment. Next up ‘Let It Flow (Sausalito Calling)’ a cover of the Camelle Hinds track. A cool groove, perfect for the summer, just lovely.

  1. Just Make A Move (and be yourself)
  2. Cast No Shadow
  3. Don’t Give Up Now
  4. Call Me Anytime
  5. When Did You Go
  6. Set Me Free (featuring Swamburger)
  7. Let It Flow (Sausalite Calling)
  8. I Do
  9. Introduce Me To Love
  10. Sometimes it Snows In April
  11. Don’t Give Up Now (Piano Version)
  12. Don’t Give Up Now (urban soul mix)
  13. Set Me Free (D>Tours Vs Chris Black Gold 84 >WORK)

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