‘It Feels So Good’ EP

IFSG-EP_fbThe new EP by Afro Elements features a brand new remix of ‘It Feels So Good’ by Soulpersona. In addition to this remix, there’s a reworked version of the original track for 2016. Also included in the full EP is a brand new track entitled ‘Take a Look at Yourself’, available in full length and radio edit versions.

The Soulpersona remix of ‘It Feels So Good’ features Morgan Howells’ trademark sparse but heavy sound, with a heavy emphasis on the drums, taking the track from the original electronic jazz-house feel and putting in firmly in two-step heaven. An all round great production that allows the vocals of Fraser and Cherri to shine.

The 2016 rework of ‘It Feels So Good’ has been slightly overhauled, and now has newly replayed chords and new brass parts in the choruses in addition to a fantastic Rhodes solo by keyboard legend Jeff Lorber.

The new track, featured on the EP in two cuts (full length and radio edit) is ‘Take a Look at Yourself’, a cover of an old Eddie Russ track. As with the other tracks on this EP, the vocals are provided by Fraser, who has added tons of lush backing vocals to take this track a step further. This song has more of a live band feel, featuring a full brass section, lots of percussion and two great solos (full length version).

  1. It Feels So Good (Soulpersona remix)
  2. Take a Look at Yourself
  3. It Feels So Good (2016 rework)
  4. Take a Look at Yourself (radio edit)

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